1. All main engines and auxiliary engines all types of work from routine overhauls  to troubleshooting or damaged engine revival.
  2. Main engine abnormal wear down root cause analysis expertise with replica imprints and cylinder lube exact feed rate advise.
  3. Alpha lubricator complete package from retrofit to operation to overhaul .
  4. Slide type fuel valve retrofit and engine tuning in sea trial or sailing upto next port.
  5. M.A.N . B&W electronic me engines complete overhaul from software to troubleshooting to guidance .
  6. Training package on ALPHA LUBE and ME engines – 3 days classes – 4 hrs daily at your  office during weekends also .
  7. Smart oil saving retrofits on M.A.N. B&W engines 2stroke engines.
  8. Main engine PRE DRYDOCK inspection to provide expert advise to plan jobs in dry dock.
  9. Main Engine Dry Dock Supervision – all jobs from Electronics to Mechanical.
  10. Engine tuning w rt vit in sailing or sea trial  to advise on fuel oil saving .
  11. Engine performance expert evaluation from pre-recorded data to advise upcoming engine problems.
  12. Main and genertator engine audit w r t handing over / taking over vessels.
  13. Expert remote advise on M.A.N.B&W main engines start failure .
  14. Pneumatic main engine starting system complete overhaul with spares and service .
  15. Engine room audit w r t actual status of stores and spares management .
  16. Jacket cooling freshwater flushing of main engine with chemical cleaning which avoids premature jacket cracking.
  17. Experts in 2 Stroke Main Engine Cross Head Bearing , Crank pin Bearing , Main Bearing , Thrust Bearing replacement , troubleshooting analysis.


  • To provide unique and innovative solutions for 2s and 4s engines and to create skilled MAN POWER for marine industry by 2025.


  • To cover 100% our  esteemed Indian ship owners  and managers by  2020 by providing innovative solution.




Liner of 70 cm bore engine was removed by gas cutting . Continuous work of 3 days . 6 team members worked day and night  under huge commercial pressure from customers.


70cm bore Main Engine fuel cam was found shifted , same restored back to its position . 2 days of day and night work . 3 team members .


Customers are continuously benefitted by our 24×7 availability on phone . Specially for latest 2 Stroke Electronic Engines troubles on components like MOP , HCU , HPS , START FAILURE, ASTERN FAILURES .


Ship crew is getting benefitted continuously by our training classes conducted for Electronic Engines wherein we show them latest photos of newest engines components in damaged or being overhauled condition or screens in alarm conditions .

Experience as Service Engr on Engines and passion to teach has made our training classes very popular with esteemed  Ship Owners.


We are equally committed & passionate about giving back to the society. We have a school in

Khadavali village near Kalyan where quality education for the underprivileged children is the main focus.

  The school started in the year 2013 & is now having the school strength @200.